Hear ye! Hear ye! Get your wonderful Fatcap figures for only Php 150 only at Secret Fresh!

It all started with a link that was posted by a friend on my Facebook account that read “secretfresh: Kidrobot Fatcap Series 2 Now on SALE!” The title header roused my curiosity to the hilt and my fingers were just itching to click on the link to learn more. Things were starting to get really exciting when I began reading the article made by Jackie Millonado last March 01 confirming that Secret Fresh was indeed putting their entire Fatcap Series 2 figures on sale and now these wonderful babies from Kidrobot are selling for only Php 150 each on a limited run for one week. My eyes glowed with excitement and I just had to inform my buddy Adrian about the news! There was no time to waste and we headed towards the Secret Fresh’s lair at the Ronac Art Center… and we just couldn’t wait to get our hands on some of those lovely Fatcaps.

I purchased two Fatcaps while Adrian got three (thanks to Elaine and my buddy got his wish on his third Fatcap figure) I was very much satisfied with my little treasures that I went home with a big smile on my face. After having my dinner, I raced back to my room, grabbed my camera and took some snapshots of my new babies (see photos below).

Guys, this is your chance to own a cool and snazzy Fatcap figure for only Php 150 and all you gotta do is rush over to Secret Fresh which is located at the ground floor of the Ronac Art Center (Ortigas Avenue, Greenhills, San Juan). Remember, this special offer runs for one week only so better head on over and stock-up on these cool Fatcap Series 2 figures before they’re gone!

Many thanks to Elaine, Lena Cobangbang and to Secret Fresh’s main man Mr. Bigboy Cheng.

My new babies: Fatcap Series 2 figures from kidrobot

Fatcap figure ala Mazinger Z designed by Zeta

Baton-wielding Fatcap figure designed by Shök-1


2 thoughts on “Hear ye! Hear ye! Get your wonderful Fatcap figures for only Php 150 only at Secret Fresh!

  1. Bern Yalung says:

    Bro,would you mind trading the Zeta Fatcap? I got Tizieu, Shane Jessup ,Pon,Tilt (chase figure) ,lastplak, and Nathalie Oswald. Great blog by the way.

    • Hi Bern, thanks for appreciating my humble weblog, much obliged. About your offer regarding the Zeta Fatcap figure trade, just give me some time to think about it first, I never expected that I’d be getting the Zeta figure since it is considered to be a chase figure and for one I’m a huge fan of Mazinger Z so it was nice to see someone design a Fatcap figure ala-Mazinger Z. Don’t worry, I’ll think about it and if I have made my final decision I’ll just hit up a reply here 🙂

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