Divisoria treasures: Thomas and Friends toy train from China

Here is the second part of my blog post where I’ll be sharing some of the wonderful finds I bought in Divisoria last Friday… and this time, it’s this colorful bootleg version of a Thomas and Friends toy train manufactured in China. As Adriel and I were scouting around the Tutuban area, we happen to stumble upon this big wholesale store where they sell literally a sea of very affordable plastic toys and we couldn’t help but check out their stuff on sale.

I noticed that there was this huge container of what looks like toy trains wrapped in plastic, and when I got a closer look at the items, it turns out to be bootleg versions of Thomas and Friends toy trains and I even got the biggest surprise of my life when I asked for the price… it only costs Php 20.00 each! ($0.45) I got so excited that I immediately bought two but one of the guys looking after the shop told me that if I get three of those I would only have to pay Php 45.00 (roughly around $1.00)… now that’s a more surprising deal that just blew me away! Imagine three fairly-big toy trains for just Php 45.00?!!

Divisoria is simply a haven for all things super affordable and sometimes you would even find things that you don’t normally see in big commercial malls, though the only minimal setback you will experience if you decide to brave Divisoria are the stuffy atmosphere, badly congested traffic, crowded side streets and to get from place to another, all you need are two well-conditioned legs because walking is all you’ll ever do and bringing a car to that side of Manila is total nightmare! Here below is a sample photo of the bootleg toy train I purchased:

Bootleg version of a Thomas and Friends toy train from China


2 thoughts on “Divisoria treasures: Thomas and Friends toy train from China

    • Hello Cristina, really sorry for the super late reply. Been out of circulation for a while.. Sa Divisoria ko po nabili yung mga Thomas and Friends na toy trains, sa may Tutuban area ko po sila nabili. Hindi ko na po matandaan exactly kung saan kasi may ilang taon na rin po ang nakakaraan mula nung nabili ko po yung mga laruan. Yung toy store po karamihan wholesale sila magbenta, hindi lang po ako sigurado kung available pa sila pero pwede nyo po bisitahin yung mga wholesale toy stores dun. Salamat po, Cristina for the comment 🙂

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