Another tiring yet fruitful adventure in Divisoria

My long-time friend Adriel and I embarked on a journey to the heart of Manila where everything is affordable and abundant, and that place is no other than Divisoria. Though I have mentioned in my earlier blog posts about my initial failure and small success in finding those elusive toy shops, but this time, we finally hit the jackpot and now I can finally and truly say that there are toy shops indeed in Divisoria that sells loose and mint-conditioned anime and action figures at really affordable prices! But the price we had to pay in searching for these shops was not amusing… Hours of long walk, braving the scorching heat and making your way into crowded places while familiarizing yourself with the establishment through a maze of small stalls was simply nerve-racking and a lot of patience is definitely required for you to remain sane.

My eyes radiantly glowed with delight upon seeing those toy shops that came our way and there were definitely a lot of good finds that you won’t regularly see in a huge mall or in a big-named toy store. If only I had brought extra cash that day I would have been tugging myself back home with a huge plastic bag of goodies. But for now, all we did was look around and find more toy shops as we can until it was nearing late afternoon and the streets were beginning to literally flood with sidewalk vendors and the crowd was starting to build up and we had no other choice but to bail out and exit Divisoria for now. Limbs and feet aching, dehydrated, hungry and zoned out, we hanged out for a while inside a small Dunkin Donuts shop in Morayta to rest, we were tired as hell but at least we never left the place empty-handed. And here is one of the small toys I bought that day, it’s a bootleg version of a mini Lego set from China and it only cost me Php 35.00 (roughly around $0.80) to purchase it.

A nice bootleg version of Lego from China showcasing a Knight on horseback

As I compose this new blog entry, my joints and muscles are still agonizing a bit from all the brutality they endured during our non-stop walkathon in Divisoria but it was one of the best trips I had and definitely I’ll be going back there to buy me some more new babies for my collection


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