Adorable refrigerator magnets from Japan

Samurai and Bushido warrior figures as refrigerator magnets from Japan

Oftentimes we get to stuff our refrigerators with those magnets for the sole purpose of fastening paper notes, fast food menus and other things onto the fridge like those sticky and reliable post-its. But the refrigerator magnets has come a long way and now they are more adorable, eye-catching and sometimes original. Several years ago my fiancèe went on a business trip to Japan to attend a press junket for some international artist and when she came back to Manila, she brought home some souvenirs  and one of them was these cute refrigerator magnets of a Samurai and Bushido warrior made of clay.

These ref magnets from Japan adorned our fridge for the longest time but unfortunately the Samurai figure was accidentally dropped by someone and the crescent-like horns of its helmet broke and snapped. My sister thought of keeping them as tabletop figurines but she decided to let them be. Stick them up as ref magnets or display them like miniature figures on top of your table, you can do away with these wonderful Japanese fridge magnets however you please.


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