Photographs at High Noon: Sidewalks of Serendra

My fiancèe and I rarely go to Serendra (Bonifacio High Street, Taguig) since for one thing, the place is a bit far from where we reside and the “Rodeo Drive-like” shops you find there offer only pricey signature items for those who are willing to spend money like water (well, I guess not all shops there sell expensive items) but the only thing that I like about Serendra is its vast open space and awesome urban scenery and shutterbugs who are into urban photography will truly have a swell time taking snapshots there.

I remember taking this photo one evening while resting on one of the sidewalks with my S.O. after attending a dinner party at T.G.I.Fridays… we were bored out of our wits and we decided to spend a couple of hours more enjoying the cool breeze before calling it a night. I took several snapshots that evening and of all the photos I took, this was the only one that came out just fine while the rest, sadly, were all blurred. Oh well, the pains and risk you have to endure while using a point and shooter for night photography

Sitting on a sidewalk one evening at Serendra (Taguig, Manila)


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