Yes folks, there are toy shops indeed at the 168 Mall…

Yes Adrian, Azrael and Kristian Carlo… there are toy shops at the 168 Mall in Divisoria

The long wait is finally over and so I decided to make another trip back to Divisoria and once-and-for-all find those elusive toy shops located inside the famous 168 Mall… and it happened earlier today. It was a good thing my dad had to attend some business there and he asked me a few days back if I can accompany him, well I couldn’t refuse such a request since I get to hitch a free ride going there and I want to find those darn shops that has eluded me the last time I went there. After my dad bought something at the Tutuban Mall, we started on our way by braving through the winding  side streets and grinding traffic until we reached our destination…1..6..8.. armed with much information given to me by my buddy and Made in X‘s PR honcho Adrian, now my chances in finding these toy shops were bigger though I still admit that the vastness of that establishment can be intimidating and you had to rely on your wits to be able to reach your destination.

After taking the escalator up the second floor, it was time to boogie! Walking around for several minutes I was starting to get anxious since there were no toy shops in sight and all I can see were clothes, bags, shoes, cellphones and other “Made in China” items being sold in a sea of stalls that looked like eternity. A couple of minutes more then I would have called it quits to this lost cause but alas! I spy with my little eye from a distance which looked like anime figures on display… I quickly dashed towards the shop that was located just beside Chowking (a famous Chinese fast food chain here in the Philippines) and it was just a stone’s throw away from the escalators (which matched the description according to Adrian) and I told myself that this could be it… my Nessy… my Sasquatch… my Holy Grail… this might be one of the elusive toy shops of 168! As I was standing in front of the shop I immediately fixed my gaze on the gashapons displayed to check for potential prospects. But if I’m going to base it on the stuff being sold inside the shop with the testimonies according to eyewitness accounts along with the several photos that I’ve seen taken from these toy shops inside 168, it looks like I came a little too late… or maybe this isn’t the toy shop Adrian or Azrael mentioned and it could be just one of the many (hopefully) toy shops scattered across the mall! Why? since the figures mostly consisted of characters from the anime series One Piece and Dragon Ball Z, other than that there were a few other figures from other anime shows that I have yet to find out.

I can’t say it was disappointing since there are a lot of anime figures that caught my fancy and the toys are really affordable, plus the owner, who happens to be a friendly Chinese lady, was so accommodating to me (along with her female shopkeeper) when I was checking out the toys. And before I left the shop I got to purchase two anime figures and told the kind owner that I’ll be coming back to buy more stuff from them. I know in my heart that this is just one of the toy shops that I’ve finally discovered at 168 but nonetheless, this is a good start and hopefully I could go back there with Adrian so he can show me the exact spot where he saw that toy shop. As for me… the saga continues…


2 thoughts on “Yes folks, there are toy shops indeed at the 168 Mall…

    • Thanks, Jerald for the tip. Been a very long while since I last went there and most probably there are more nifty toy shops in and around 168 Mall. If I do get the chance I’ll check them out. Thanks for the comment and stay safe always. Cheers!

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