Remembering Playmobil

It is time once again to turn back the clock and reminisce on those little playthings we call toys and here is another one from my sister’s personal collection that she carefully kept all these years… and it surely was nice to see some of her surviving Playmobil figures in good condition so I asked her if I can borrow the figures and have them photographed for my toy photo album. Here is one of those photos that I took sometime around early 2010 and here I kind of tweaked the image using Photoshop to give it a different feel. My sister never got to collect a lot of these Playmobil toys back in the 1980’s because this particular German toy line was a bit pricey that it even, somehow, costs as much as a small Lego set that you buy at Gift Gate or at Nova Fontana in Greenhills (Shoppesville) for some time. It sure is nice to know that Playmobil is still around, though personally I haven’t seen one yet from my frequent visits to the toy shops but I’m pretty sure there might be still some of them being sold somewhere, and that is for me to find out…

My sister's classic Playmobil figures


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