Good finds in a capsule: Inuyasha cellphone charm

Every little thing has their own story to tell… and this cute cellphone charm is one of them. I remember it was during one weekend I went out with my girlfriend when I accompanied her at the SM Mall of Asia during an event staged there. Later on that afternoon, we decided to hang out for awhile at Star City just to kill time since the traffic outside was just terrible. We were enjoying the sights and sounds of the entire establishment since it has been quite a long while when I last went to Star City and the feeling of being there once again was just awesome. We were checking out the shops there and I purchased several items before we left the place and I clearly remember buying this small black satchel bag along with a chibi figure of L from Death Note (which I gave to my fiancé since she was collecting gashapon figures from Death Note) and before stepping out of the place, we happen to pass by this small toy shop that had several capsule toy dispensers. I took the time to browse through each and one of them until I finally made my choice and went for the Inuyasha cellphone charm dispenser.

Inuyasha chibi figure (cellphone charm)

Since those capsule toy dispensers cannot assure anyone that you’ll be getting the stuff you really want, I was talking with the girl in charge of the shop until I noticed that her cellphone charm had this Inuyasha figure that I wanted. The girl struck a deal with me and told me that if by chance that I get to bag the Kagome cellphone charm, she was willing to exchange the Inuyasha figure for it. As soon as I placed the coins inside the dispenser and turned the knob once or twice I think, a capsule pops out from below and I immediately took it and opened the container… lo and behold, it was the Kagome cellphone charm that totally caught me by surprise! Maybe lady luck smiled down upon me that evening and even the girl couldn’t believe it either, but nonetheless a deal is a deal and we exchanged charms before leaving the place.

Truly this Inuyasha cellphone charm had a lot of fond memories during that one special day and though I gave it to my sister since I wasn’t fond of putting anything on my mobile phone, taking a snapshot of this anime charm was more than enough for me. ‘Till next time…


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