Small treasures from Metrowalk — Php 20 Happy Meal figures and Super Mario

Sometime last year I was at the Metrowalk in Pasig looking for new DVD titles when I decided to drop by this small shop called ‘Anime Eztazion‘ which was once managed by Eric who also happens to sell anime (and hentai) DVDs and several VCDs as well. Today the shop is being supervised by Alma since Eric went to the states about two years ago and now the once small shop that sold Japanese anime and live action flicks has now added toys (sealed and loose items) to their list of items up for sale and as soon as I found out about it I just had to check them out for myself.

There’s this small box filled with various toys lying on the floor and I asked Alma what were those. She told me that the items are for sale and everything that I see inside are all priced at Php 20 (roughly $0.45 t0 $0.50) each, regardless of the size. I took the box and started rummaging for toys that might be worth considered a good find. For about 10 to 15 minutes of thorough searching, I ended up with three items that I immediately purchased before calling it a day and went straight home to have them dusted off and cleaned. These are two robot figures and an iconic video game character.

First in line is ROBOT from DreamWorks Animation‘s “Monsters vs. Aliens“, from the looks of it this might have come from the McDonald’s Happy Meal series when the movie debuted here in the Philippines some years back.

ROBOT from DreamWorks’ Monsters vs. Aliens

The second item is B.E.N. (Bio-Electronic Navigator) from the Disney movie “Treasure Planet“, I was having a hard time to make it stand on its own when I was positioning the toy inside my light box. To make it stable, I used a small piece of styro as its base and attached it with thin double-sided tape.

B.E.N. (Bio-Electronic Navigator) from Disney’s Treasure Planet

And lastly, Nintendo‘s iconic video game character Mario of Super Mario Brothers fame… I guess this was the best find I had that day since Mario figures are somewhat pricey and hard to come by when they go on sale. And finding one in a pile of bargain toys for only Php 20 is a steal indeed.

Mario from Nintendo’s Super Mario Brothers

Indeed you get to find real nifty items at the most unexpected places, and surely the small toy shops at Metrowalk can be your other best alternative when it comes to toys sold as loose items, and who knows, you might end up getting a rare find that the other shops don’t have. ‘Till next time, happy toy hunting!


20 thoughts on “Small treasures from Metrowalk — Php 20 Happy Meal figures and Super Mario

  1. I like the helpful info you provide in your articles. I’ll bookmark your weblog and check again here regularly. I am quite certain I will learn lots of new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next!

  2. After reading this blog, you gave me enough reason to find some time off and hit the road! For a few minutes perhaps. I’m going back to the office after this planned escapade. I’m going to find that toy store at Metrowalk right now!

  3. I’m back at the office! Whoa!

    Thanks, mekanda! I had the best bargain of my life!

    I checked out Anime Eztazion. Eric’s not there. Jun is. Cool bespectacled guy who I think owns the store. He shared a few interesting points about his merchandise. Suddenly I felt like a young boy again, bedazzled, wanting to own every toy and item that i laid my eyes on. Hahaha

    Cool store. Cool items. Cool location. Probably the best toy store in town. Jun was very accommodating. Rummaging through his wonderful merchandise was like going through your bestfriend’s toy collection. He was very helpful too.

    I bought, for starters, four (4) action figures. One is a five-inch Shrek. Jun sold it to me at half the price at reasons only known to us. Hahaha

    Second, I got a two-inch Puss ‘N Boots (that cunning cat from Shrek).

    Third, I had a four-inch Neytiri (the exotic Nav’i from Avatar).

    Lastly, I picked a four-inch pirate which looks like Captain Hook. I’m not sure if that’s him. But what the hell…? Hahaha

    I couldn’t help but smile and then chortle like a child with my stash in my black plastic bag while I was on my way back to the office.

    I told Jun that I may start to pick up the anime hobby. I told him I’d start with small items — action figures, comics, etc.

    Anime Eztazion has a wide array of anime collection, such as but not limited to toys, comics, stickers and posters.

    I recommend the store to everyone. I give the store a 5 Star rating!

    Mabuhay kayo, Mekanda and Jun!

    • Hey there r3dg3! Whoa, you’ve certainly found a treasure trove of goodies at Anime Eztazion earlier today, that’s so cool! Well it has been quite a while now since I last visited the place so I’ve kinda lost track with the stuff they’re selling but I’m pretty sure by now they have tons of new goodies up for sale. Eric used to run the place but I think he’s still in the States, then I met Alma when Anime Eztazion was put up and most of the time I get my toys for my collection through her, though I never got the chance to meet Jun personally but I’m hoping to drop by the shop sometime soon and formally meet him. But nevertheless the guys at Anime Eztazion are really nice and accommodating. It’s nice to know that somehow my article about the stuff I bought at Anime Eztazion got you interested in checking out the place and eventually inspired you to start a hobby in toy/anime/comics collecting, I’m very much flattered πŸ™‚ Like what I’ve always said, the best deals and the best finds come from the most unexpected places πŸ˜‰ Thank you very much r3dg3 for taking time out in checking my weblog and for sharing your little toy adventure in Metrowalk, and I hope that you find the happiness and the satisfaction in your new hobby. Hope to hear from you again soon and happy toy hunting! Cheers!

  4. Certainly! Cheers!

    A few years back I tried to start a hobby of collecting toys, the small ones of course, at least not hard on the pocket. You know, just to catch up on what I lost and missed out on when I was a kid. Well, my parents, poor as they were, sort of provided me with a sackful of toys when I was a kid. More than our neighbors’ kids, even. But I dunno. Seemed like there was still a void to fill.

    I stopped collecting toys when I went back to CD/DVD and book hunting. I now have a treasure trove of rare books — classics I suppose. Sort of. You know, those authored by Harper Lee, Clavell, Michener, Uris, among many others.


    I chanced upon your blog!

    All of a sudden, I wanted to collect again. And I welcomed the idea because I could do it again, even if at the moment I’m on a tight budget. I have a ten-year old son now. I said to myself, I’m gonna start collecting for him. But somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind, I was entertaining the thought that, perhaps, I was collecting for the both of us. Hahaha

    By the way, this Friday (March 11, 2011), Jun said he’ll be displaying his new collection, which may include first issues of Marvel and DC comics and stuff, more toys, all collectors’ items.

    I hope you find time to check them out again. Jun is a cool dude. Thank you daw. Hoping he gets to meet you soon. He thinks he saw you already. He thinks you’re a girl, though. Hahaha. That’s what he remembers. I dunno. Maybe. Maybe not.

    • Hey that’s great news, thanks for the info πŸ™‚ I’ll find time to drop by there on Friday to check out the new stuff and finally meet Jun as well, though I’m not quite sure if he’s the guy I once saw hanging out inside the shop with Alma when I was in Metrowalk around late last year. I’m Glenn by the way, so more or less you can just call me by my real name the next time you drop me a reply or a comment here, and if you get the chance to meet Jun on your next visit to Anime Eztazion you can finally mention it to him that I’m a dude hahaha.

      Toys have been a part of my life and even if I’m in my mid-30’s I still love collecting them, aside from my toy collecting I also rekindled my passion for photography and when I got the chance to buy a decent camera I started to take photos of my babies as souvenirs then share them both here on my blog or on my Facebook page which is solely dedicated to amateur toy photography.

      It is quite funny to think that my zest for toy collecting came at a time when things kinda looked “uncertain” for me since I’ve been out of work for almost a year now and I too am on a tight budget but I still manage to get some new stuff once in a while by purchasing them through shops like Anime Eztazion and other stores in and around the metro that sells toys at very affordable prices. My “bargain toy hunting” exploits requires a lot of patience and research and sometimes it would take me almost an hour just to rummage through every goods on display when I visit a particular toy store, because I believe that sooner or later you’re bound to stumble upon a good find that is hidden somewhere in those racks. I consider myself a random toy collector and it doesn’t matter to me if a toy is expensive and rare nor it may be cheap and obscure, for me all toys are the same.

      I’m so happy to know that you’ve decided to collect toys again and somehow you’re sharing that little joy now with your 10-year old son, and I’m hoping that the two of you will get to enjoy more of the toys that will come your way very soon πŸ™‚ There are a lot of toy stores and shops scattered across Metro Manila waiting to be discovered and who knows, you too might get to stumble upon a new toy shop along the way that sells bargain toys and that would be awesome! πŸ˜‰ Have a great day my friend and as always, happy toy hunting!

  5. Now I can tell Jun that he mistook you for someone else, Glen. Error in personae. But not in the criminal sense of the phrase. Hahaha

    By the way, you can call me Redge.

    Thanks really for opening my eyes to the real art of toy collection. One of the reasons why I stopped collecting toys and stuff was financial constraints. And I was made to believe that only expensive toys could count as collectors’ items. Well, to the purists, they may beg to disagree. But —

    I intend to just collect the loose or cheap items. For now, I guess.

    If I really like an expensive toy, and I’ll know when I see one, I’ll cut down on cholesterol and alcohol intake just to get it. Great savings. For my health. And for my new hobby. Win-win situation. Hahaha

    I salute you for perfecting your craft, toy photography, that is. I wish I could do the same. Maybe in a couple of years, I’ll be able to get another camera. I’d go for Canon. I bought a Kodak digicam a few years ago. 8 megapixels I think. But I gave it to my mother. As a gift for putting up with my crap after all these years. She keeps whining why up to now my signature is not worth anything yet. Go figure! Hahaha

    I’m thinking, what if you start something, like a conference or a workshop or just about anything for various hobbies and crafts? Like a Woodstock kind of vibe but more diverse and open to all walks of life. Maybe put in some independent musicians in there, too. I dunno. Every dog has its day you know. I guess everyone deserves some attention and recognition even for the most trivial pursuits. At least everything starts with a crazy dream.

    Keep doing your thing, bro. There’s promise in it. You’re going to be huge soon. Ditto your other friends who are enthusiasts also in some other hobbies and diversions. I can feel it. There’s still hope for the motherland after all.

    • No worries Redge, I’m just an ordinary dude who wanted to share his passion for toy collecting and toy photography, and the feeling of satisfaction knowing that I somehow inspire others to get into this hobby through my blog is well enough for me πŸ™‚ I still have a long way to go in terms of my photography skills, learning new things and doing a lot of experimenting has been an integral part of my daily routine, all budding photographers should know that in this kind of endeavor, one should have the heart, the dedication and the passion for taking good photos. It isn’t about having the most expensive camera nor having the best photography gears and accessories that makes one a photographer because I have seen people come up with really good photos while using an ordinary ‘point and shoot’ camera, and all it took was a keen eye to capture that moment and a lot of creativity to achieve that picture-perfect shot.

      I was also made to believe that toy collecting was just limited to those who had the money and the spending capacity to buy the rare and expensive ones. But in my honest opinion, I believe that anyone can get into the hobby without having to be that well-off in life. I don’t want to sound like a hypocrite but yes even I too drool at those nice, expensive toys and figures that you commonly see at specialty shops and wished that someday I’ll be having one of those babies soon, but I always keep in mind the aspect of practicality when it comes to this hobby, that is why I somehow made my own personal crusade in finding those little toy shops tucked away at some nook or cranny somewhere within the metro more or less to give myself an alternative in purchasing good items for my collection at relatively low prices, then I share the info to others and encourage them to check out the place. Bootleg or authentic toys, it really doesn’t matter, what’s more important to me is getting that insatiable feeling of satisfaction when you have that toy in your hand and going back home with a big smile on your face.

      Thank you very much Redge for the kind words, they will always serve as an inspiration for me in what I do and it will motivate me even further in giving you guys more of my little happiness about toys through this personal blog. I know that there are others out there who share the same passion like we have but there are others who came before me and have already made their mark in this kind of endeavor with the likes of GM Tristan and Mark Cerbo just to name a few, and they deserve all the credit for introducing, in particular, toy photography here in the Philippines. As for me, keeping you guys informed and entertained (I hope) with my humble articles about toys, photography and other stuff is truly enough for me. Again, many thanks to you Redge, very much appreciated πŸ™‚

  6. Welcome!

    I appreciate everything you’re doing for us greenhorns in the art of practical toy collection and the burgeoning toy photography here in the Philippines, Glenn. I spelled your name before with a single N. I was used to writing with the single N because my officemate has a single N in his name as he spells it. I dunno why he had to spell it that way. Maybe the local civil registrar ran out of ink when his parents had his live birth certified.

    To tell you the truth, I really forgot all about toy collection. Both intentionally and unitentionally. A lot of factors, actually. My friends didn’t share the same passion and well, according to some, it was just a waste of time and money, short of saying that I was a fool. Oh well, I was always into the alternative. In college, while I was listening to the Beastie Boys, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, The Jesus and Mary Chain, House of Pain, The Stone Roses, to name a few bands that I still adore, my college buddies were listening to galm rock music, that is, Guns ‘N Roses, Poison, Warrant. I listened also to those glam rockers but I always had an ear for something out of the extraordinary. I was a non-conformist, to say the least.

    I realized that I should not be dictated by people if a thing makes me happy. You could just imagine how I felt before I read your blog on bargain toys and where to get them. It opened my eyes to the fact that you don’t have to be rich to start collecting toys.

    Thanks, again, Glenn.

    • It was a pleasure meeting you Redge and I’m very much honored that I was somehow of help with your renewed enthusiasm in toy collecting. Always remember that your personal happiness is what matters most and if collecting toys give you that satisfaction and relief from all the hustle and bustle you experience every single day at work or at home, then by all means give in a little and indulge yourself with the things that you really like, everyone in this world deserves the right to be happy.

      It may sound trivial or absurd to some but all I wanted was to tell people that hey, toy collecting isn’t only for those who are rich and capable of buying expensive and branded stuff. I am giving others another option, an option that somehow will make other people realize that you too can find happiness and fulfillment from being practical, resourceful and reasonable. But then again, you can’t always please everyone most especially the purists, but whatever floats your boat then go right ahead πŸ™‚

      I hope this won’t be the last time Redge and it was really nice to have this little “virtual conversation” with you and I am hoping that your toy collection would grow and remember you are more than welcome to visit my blog again anytime.

      Happy toy hunting my friend! Cheers!

      • The pleasure is mine, too. You were indeed very helpful in my renewed enthusiasm in toy collecting.

        I derive satisfaction actually in collecting toys, especially when I get them at insanely cheap prices. And I’m glad I didn’t have to listen to other people dictate what I should do for fun. At least I’m not riding around town fooling women and stealing from others’ pockets.

        Work sometimes gives me the creeps but when I get home and look at my poky but growing collection of books, DVDs/CDs and toys, mostly sourced from cheap stores, I instantly get transfixed by such a delightful sight.

        This won’t be the last time, Glenn. I will visit your blog from time to time. I wish you’ll visit mine, too.

        On a lighter note, I learned that there’s been a toy convention here in the Philippines. When did it start? For how long has it been in existence, bro? When is the next convention? Is there also a comic convention? I’ll be glad to get some information from you, my friend.

        Thank you. Keep doing your stuff. May your tribe increase.

    • Thanks again Redge, much obliged πŸ™‚ about the convention, there’s this upcoming toy convention organized by TOYCON Philippines and it is usually held every year (every June) at the Megatrade Hall of SM Megamall. With whole honesty I never got that chance to attend one of these toy conventions even though SM Megamall is relatively a short walk away from where I used to work. I could have attended three consecutive toycons during my employment years in Ortigas but I guess the stress and exhaustion from work got me thinking twice, and in the end I would always find myself taking a bus back home rather than getting additional stress from enduring the maddening crowd of toy collectors, enthusiasts and curious onlookers packing the entire joint like a legion of Orcs squabbling in a frenzy to attack Helm’s Deep. But nonetheless, I’m still looking forward to attend one of their conventions and I’m hoping to make it there finally this year.

      According to their Facebook page, It’ll be TOYCON Philippines’ 10th year this 2011 and the convention will be held from June 18-19, at the 5th level of SM Megamall building B (Megatrade Hall 1, 2 and 3) from 10am to 10pm.

  7. Welcome, bro!

    I have to reply first before I head over to Metrowalk. Hahaha

    Thank you for the info on the toy convention. I’m sorry if I’m ignorant about all thest things. I never experienced all of these things before, you know. Hahaha.

    It’s really hard growing up in the provinces. All we had were indigenous games and stuff. Oh well, we had access also to some toys which were in fashion then and some were dirt cheap, some were kinda expensive. However, it was never like the life experienced by kids in Manila and the kids back in the day in my hometown who belonged to the more affluent society. But I’m not at all ashamed about it. At least I got to read a few books when all the other kids were tinkering with their Transformers and Voltes Five back in the provinces. This I say with some envy, though. At least I’m being honest. Hahaha

    Thanks again, Glenn. I hope you never get tired of all this.

    • Welcome, bro!

      I have to reply first before I head over to Metrowalk. Hahaha

      Thank you for the info on the toy convention. I’m sorry if I’m ignorant about all these things. I never experienced all of these things before, you know. Hahaha.

      It’s really hard growing up in the provinces. All we had were indigenous games and stuff. Oh well, we had access also to some toys which were in fashion then and some were dirt cheap, some were kinda expensive. However, it was never like the life experienced by kids in Manila and the kids back in the day in my hometown who belonged to the more affluent society. But I’m not at all ashamed about it. At least I got to read a few books when all the other kids were tinkering with their Transformers and Voltes Five back in the day. This I say with some envy, though. At least I’m being honest. Hahaha

      Thanks again, Glenn. I hope you never get tired of all this.

    • No problem about it Redge, I can say also to myself that I’m “ignorant” about these toy conventions since I’ve never been to one and never had the chance to be there and experience the thrill and excitement since my work had totally eaten up my time and my social life as well that I’d rather go home and hit the sack early, but hopefully I get the chance to attend this year’s convention. We’ll see πŸ™‚

      The best of luck on your trip back to Anime Eztazion today and hopefully you get to bag some really good finds there, and if you still have time, hope you can check out the other toy shop I was telling you about.

      Happy bargain hunting man! πŸ˜‰

      • I’m back at the office, man!

        I need to write first before I go home and marvel at my good finds. Yahoo!

        Jun said he thanks you again for blogging about and for leading me the way to his shop.

        Jun was kinda disappointed though because some of the stuff he was expecting weren’t in his boxes from the States, especially the first issues of his comics. I could feel how disappointed he was. But then again he was really stoked at how I got to know about his shop. He was raving about you really. I just hope you could visit him one time.

        Well, as for my loot, I got a DVD copy of a Superman anime movie. I have yet to watch and appreciate it, though.

        I also got two (2) X-Men comics mags. The Uncanny X-Men 287th issue (1992 I guess) where Bishop was introduced. And the 40th X-Men issue (1997) featuring Cable for the first, according to Jun.

        The 3rd comics is issue 58 of Batman Legends of the Dark Knight (1994).

        The 4th is issue 83 (1993) of Flash (Beat The Clock!).

        I got all four (4) for just a couple of hundred bucks. Well, I guess that’s dirt cheap already. I don’t remember when I first bought comics. Maybe it was way back in college. Again, I really am an ignoramus with this things. I’m admittedly a late bloomer in these cool hobbies. But what the heck? Hahaha. I am so stoked right now. I couldn’t contain this feeling. Pure bliss!

        I will not get tired thanking you, man!

        Enjoy your weekend, Glenn.

        Oh yes, I think I saw the store you told me about. Lotsa miniature bust figures. And they have one-peso NBA cards. I didn’t buy, though. I dunno. I’ll try to grab some items there next time. Cool collection by the way! Thanks, man! Another compelling reason to go to Metrowalk, my friend. Hahaha

        I almost forgot. Jun intends to sell his crisp NBA cards next week (all in mint condition he said and I can attest to that, too!). He said he’s going to sell cheap and pricey cards as well, all collectors’ items. He showed me some of those and I drooled! What a sight to behold!

        Jun will probably call his deal-buster bags as BLIND GRAB PACKS. He’ll start with 30 packs next week. He’ll place 5 to 10 NBA cards in one pack. Included in these five- or ten-card packs are regular or base cards. Then he’ll also include maybe rookie AND jersey cards. And the best deal here is he will randomly put in there 2 guaranteed Kobe Rookie Cards. Premium cards. Pricey. As for the packaging of the cards, each will be individually placed in a penny sleeve (to avoid fingerprint marks), then into a top loader (to avoid dings or dents), then finally into a team bag (to make it dust-proof). Each pack will cost roughly 200 pesos. Again, I’m again a greenhorn in this kind of stuff. But I can tell that it’s the best deal in town. God bless Jun and Anime Eztazion for this!

        Cheers! Until next time, bro. Have fun blogging. I hope to hear from you soon and read more of your writings. Happy hunting! God bless!

      • Wow, those are real nice finds you got from Jun at Anime Eztazion, the comic books are a steal, nice one there Redge! Don’t worry I’ll try to find time to visit Jun at Metrowalk so we can finally meet in person, it’s just that the place is a bit far from my home in Q.C. unlike before when I used to work in Ortigas, I can easily go there anytime I want by just walking… unlike now I have to take either a cab, bus or the MRT just to be able to reach Ortigas and an FX or jeep to finally be at Metrowalk. Nevertheless, I’ll be going there at least once in a while, Metrowalk holds a lot of fond memories for me… pardon my mush, I’m just very sentimental about the places that I’ve been to during my days in Ortigas and Metrowalk is one of them… oh well hehe.

        Have a great weekend too Redge and enjoy your loot πŸ™‚ as for me I’ll just be blogging down more new stuff and discoveries along the way and thanks for the kind words of encouragement, they mean so much to me most especially for someone who’s trying to show people out there that you too can enjoy the things that you want without having to spend a fortune to acquire them, and I’m glad I was able to reach out and inspire others, like you, to enjoy the hobby the “reasonable” way.

        Mabuhay ka Redge and hope to see you around soon πŸ™‚

  8. Yo! Nice to be back. Thanks for replying again, bro.

    Congrats! You have a blog again on your new toys. I read it a while ago. I wish I could save enough money to buy a camera. I’m really stoked by toy photography. I didn’t realize that there’s a thing like that. Totally cool! Awesome! Someday, I’ll try toy photography. I hope I’ll get it right, though. And then try to improvise, and carve my own niche, just like what you did. In the meantime, I’ll make do with my bargain hunt for toys, comics, DVDs and cards.

    I watched All-Star Superman (in DVD format), the one I bought at Anime Eztazion. It’s that episode where Superman died. Too depressing! I’ve learned a long time ago from my comics enthusiast rich friend that Superman died. But it was a whole new matter watching it unfold before your very eyes.

    Another video that kept me up until the wee hours of the morning was a VCD of The X-Men. It’s a copy I bought at VideoCity for PhP50. I guess it contains the episodes which were translated into movies. After watching the said episodes, one can tell that the movie adaptations are a whole lot different. But I guess they were all quite faithful to the original storylines.

    Another VCD I bought at VideoCity is “This is Spinal Tap”. It’s a documentary (or, rockumentary) of the North American Tour of the band. I have yet to finish it, though. I’m not a big fan of the band. But I thought it may be cool to take a sneak peek into who and what they are.

    I finished reading only The X-Men’s Bishop episode. It was really something when Professor X introduced him to the rest of The X-Men.

    Long before my enthusiasm for toy and comics collecting was rekindled (courtesy of you, Glenn, thank you) I was already into CD/DVD/VCD collection (odd films, documentaries, back catalogues and various artists compilations of underrated bands) , classic book collection, among others.

    But the best thing I learned from you Glenn was to stay within the limits of my means and at the end of the day, genuinely happy with my stash of little but memorable treasures. It reminds me of a dear friend of mine who always says (by the way, he chooses awkward times to say this and embarass me, and yes, will never fail to make him earn my ire), “Do not spend more than what you earn.” But he has a point, even if he is a certified jackass. lol

    I’m going to Jun’s shop again to try to get one of his NBA Cards Blind Grab Pack.

    Keep doing your thing, bro.

    Until then —

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