Memories (re-post from my Facebook page)

This is a re-post from an entry I did for my Facebook page ‘Made in X‘ some two months ago entitled “Memories“. The toy in the photos was given to me by a childhood friend who sadly passed away a couple of years ago, and here is my story…

A plastic Robo Cop toy given by Albert

As far as I can remember, this particular plastic toy was given to me by one of my childhood friends when we were still living in an apartment compound about a block away from where we are currently residing. It looked like a cheap reproduction of Robo Cop that you can get for free inside those “sari-sari store” snacks (corner store snacks.) I clearly remember that this came too with a helmet and a gun but I guess I kinda lost them when we moved out and transferred to our new home seven years ago.

Another shot of the plastic toy

Sadly we soon learned from someone that my childhood friend passed away several years ago when he died in his sleep… and this toy is all that’s left for me to remember him by.

R.I.P. Albert Jalon


One thought on “Memories (re-post from my Facebook page)

  1. Hey! I know this post was a year ago already, but I have a feeling that I know you or the person who you are referring to in your blog post is my brother. My brother’s name is Albert Jalon and he died years ago, when he was sleeping.

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