Art, Lies and Pretentious Sh–

Bedbugs Comics logo

Before the toy collecting and toy photography, there was me and seven other individuals who formed an underground art group called Bedbugs Comics. The Mites were hatched in July of 1996 and we’ve been around for more than 14 years (minus the hiatus years that predominantly weighed our existence) but nevertheless, we still get to communicate with each other though we never came out with any new material lately nor did we had another follow up group exhibit after October of 2000 since most of us pursued our individual careers and earned a decent living, so to speak. Bedbugs Comics had several works under its belt with titles like Madhouse Lullabies, Twin, The Flush, The Happy Meal Chainsaw Massacre, Illusions of Snow and other unfinished projects waiting for completion (hopefully) Fellow Bugger and writer extraordinaire Sherwin decided to put up the Mites official weblog called ‘Art, Lies and Pretentious Shit‘ where it features some of the group’s artworks, short stories, weird stuff and more. I hope some of you guys would want to check it out and see my group’s weblog and all you got to do is click on this link and enter the world of Bedbugs Creative. ‘Till next time, see ya!


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