Tetsujin 28 scale model kit

Every time I went to any SM mall I always made sure that I drop by their toys department (more popularly known as Toy Kingdom) and check out their stuff there though I am a bargain toy hunter and majority of the items being sold there are way too pricey and out of my budget, I’m positive that sooner or later I’d be able to find me a good catch and all I had to do was be patient and do a lot of thorough searching in every row, nook and cranny where there might be nice and affordable toys hiding somewhere. This is what happened to me one weekend back in 2009 and I can say it was a good find indeed…

My sealed Tetsujin 28 box photographed before opening

Aside from the capsule toys (or gashapons) section that I frequent to, I make it a point to check out the Ban Dai area as well where they sell this humungous  line of Gundam scale model kits, fix figurations and other well-known mecha/robot characters. My eyes carefully searched each and every stack until I found several boxes of classic Tetsujin 28 scale model kits with yellow tags… and when items have yellow tags, that means they are on sale! I was so surprised to see that the Tetsujin 28 model kit was selling for only Php 200 ($4.50) usually this type of model kit would be selling at a higher price, roughly around Php 500 or more ($11.00 or more). Mecha model kits are really expensive to buy and maintaining this hobby is quite pricey as well given the fact that you have to buy an airbrush kit complete with air compressor, the hobby paints plus the other stuff you need. Anyways, I grabbed a box of that Tetsujin 28 model kit and bought it immediately. Just like the Darth Vader figure I got from a Happy Meal back in 2008, it took me quite a long while before I decided to finally open the box and start constructing my Tetsujin 28 figure.

My assembled Tetsujin 28 figure (full view)

(Left) Tetsujin 28’s upper torso (Right) Tetsujin 28’s legs

It was years since I last assembled a scale model kit and luckily the Tetsujin 28 parts consisted mostly of snap-ons and the hassle of going through the trouble of placing cement glue to attach the body parts were manageable. After several hours of painstaking assembly work, I finally got to finish working on the mighty Tetsujin… complete with decals and all but unfortunately, there wasn’t any paint job involved since all my enamel paint have dried up and I don’t have an airbrush kit either so basically my Tetsujin 28 figure looks kinda plain. But since the body parts from the kit are color blue and based on the anime series where Tetsujin is blue in nature so it really did not matter (well, except for the eyes and the other parts that should be painted according to the mecha’s accurate details.) And as always, I prepared my light box and camera and took some snapshots of it like the ones you’re seeing above.

Having that opportunity to buy a famous mecha scale model kit at a really affordable price is really rare and if you by any chance get to see one then go and buy it for yourself, after all the feeling of satisfaction once you get to see the fruits of your labor is truly an achievement. ‘Till the next blog post, see ya!


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