Accidental lighting and miniature figures

Earlier today I was sorting out some files in my computer when I saw some not-so-old yet familiar photos contained in one folder. I think I took these photos around early 2010 when I was studying digital photography and at the same time doing a lot of practice using my Nikon L20 point and shooter. I was merely focused on making my own tabletop stuff and I remember improvising my D.I.Y. light box using plain styro as its main foundation while providing my light diffusers with tracing paper which were placed on both sides of the light box. Everything was trial and error for me during those times and it took several months more before I finally perfected my improvised light box while mixing and matching other materials, though my makeshift creation then provided some of the best results (for an amateur) when I tested it using one of my surviving Lego miniature figures including an Anizo 12 cellphone charm from Bandai I got from one of these toy capsule dispensers you find inside a mall. Looking at the photos I’ve snapped during live view, I never expected that the results would produce a nice half-toned lighting on my mini subjects… I guess it pays to experiment once in a while in studying photography and sooner or later you will be able to achieve the desired results you’ve always wanted.

My Lego Astronaut figure as one of my earlier subjects during one of my photo sessions

My Anizo 12 cellphone charm from Bandai (2006)... and it's pink!

It was during this particular photo session that I slowly began to develop my liking for tabletop photography (or toy photography as I fondly call it) and soon after which I was buying small toy figures and use them constantly as my subjects. Nowadays toys come in different sizes and forms, no longer do we see them as mere playthings, they can be that small charm on your keychain or that thing dangling on your mobile phones and there are some toy shops selling them now as toy figures and all they had to do was remove the chain or strap from the item and they go straight to the shop’s display window. But if it weren’t for these miniatures I wouldn’t have found my niche in digital photography and I am grateful for ’em lovelies. Anyways, just making a small trip down memory lane with some of my cherished items. Until next time, see you guys around!


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