To Heart Girl SR Capsule figure

Last January 17 I was with my sister at the SM North EDSA to buy some stuff for my mom along with other things when we happen to pass by this small hobby shop that were selling several anime stuff like gashapons and PVC figures. I was looking through their items inside the display window and honestly, their prices are way too high in spite of giving discounts to some of their items. Though I’ve seen some good ones on display like figure sets of Shin Chan, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gundam and many more, I still opted to look for stuff that were affordable and easy on the wallet. I think it was a good 5 to 10 minutes that I’ve spent searching for my treasure until I noticed this cute schoolgirl figure placed on one corner of the display window and I immediately asked the saleslady for it.

My sister, who was with me at that time, graciously asked the saleslady who the figure was and from what anime or manga did she appeared… it appeared that she did not know the identity of the figure so she turned to her partner and asked to look into their files for her profile, but unfortunately there was none in their records. It’s original selling price was Php 200 ($4.50) and the shop placed a 25% discount on it so I got it for Php 150 ($3.00 something) As soon as we got home, I immediately opened my PC and searched the internet for this anime figs’ identity… and it wasn’t for long until I got some answers…

My To Heart Girl gashapon figure

I found out that this figure came from the anime (or manga) ‘To Heart Girl‘ and it belongs to  a set of capsule figures (or PVC figures) called  ‘Yujin To Heart 2 SR‘ series. Having that info, it was time to take out my camera and took some snapshots of it and you can see some of her photo samples here.

A more close-up look on my To Heart Girl gashapon figure

Another toy figure, another great find from my toy hunting exploits in and around the metro. ‘Till next time, see you guys around!


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