Darth Vader Happy Meal toy

It was around 2008 when McDonald’s came up with their Star Wars campaign for the Happy Meal. I remember that time my two former officemates were starting to build up their collection while I just looked on and watched them cherish their Happy Meal toys like kids. But there was one particular Star Wars character in their collection that caught my attention and it’s none other than Darth Vader. Among the other toys in the line up, the Darth Vader figure looked really good in terms of how it was built (or molded) so I thought, maybe I can get one soon. It took me several attempts before I got one since the McDonald’s branches I’ve been to would always tell me that they’ve ran out of Darth Vader figures because it was the most requested toy by most customers (and collectors) who were buying a Happy Meal.

Full view of my Darth Vader figure from McDonald’s Happy Meal (circa 2008)

And it was during one afternoon as I finished my shift at the office when I tried my luck once more at this McDonald’s branch located at the ground floor of the Tycoon Centre (in Ortigas) and surely enough, lady luck smiled upon me and I was able to get finally that elusive Darth Vader figure for my Happy Meal! About a month or two ago I’ve decided to take it out from it’s plastic package to be photographed inside my light box not knowing how time flew so fast and I realized that the Darth Vader figure I got from my Happy Meal was sitting quietly on one corner for more than two years! You can truly say that he’s in real mint condition as you can see from the photos I’ve posted here.

Front view of my McDonald’s Happy Meal Darth Vader toy figure

It would be nice if I made up my mind and decided to join my two other office buddies in collecting the entire Star Wars line up from McDonald’s, but it was only the Dark Force leader that really looked badass despite its midget-like appearance. Until next time, see ya!


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