My World War 2 scale model kits collection

My fascination with World War 2 never ceases to amaze me ever since I was young though at that time I cared less about the people, the reason and the events that transpired history’s greatest and tragic war… I was more focused on the hardware that both sides used during the war. I know this may sound weird but there is something mystifying about World War 2 that roused my curiosity and watching war clips showcasing the Allies and the Axis‘ war machineries in action just took my breath away! It was an unprecedented race for technological superiority in modern warfare as the Germans and Americans went head-to-head for supreme domination in the battlefield. The tanks, the war planes, the weapons and the intense action… just plain awesome!

Along with my fascination about World War 2 came my obsession with scale model kits, World War 2 scale model kits in particular. While other kids played with normal toys, I found myself piecing parts together of vintage war planes, tanks, soldiers, helicopters and more made by famous brands like Tamiya and Hasegawa (when it was still in circulation) and as soon as they’re done, I would play with them like ordinary toys not knowing that scale models are meant to be displayed and appreciated and not to be played and destroyed so to speak. Maybe it’s the fine details and precise looks that made me so fascinated with scale models… but there was a momentary pause with my scale model buying spree, and it took me my entire high school and college life including some years of working professionally as a content writer before I went back into scale model kits once more. Only this time, my kits are pre-assembled, painted and ready for display.

As toy collecting and doing Toy Photography became my hobby, I began to buy these small finished scale models at one local hobby shop and I thought for a moment that my passion for collecting scale models has rekindled. But buying the finished product can be quite expensive  size-wise (since they are small in scale). So to make a long story short, I only have five World War 2 scale model kits in my collection (3 German and 2 American armored vehicles) Here are the photo samples below:

Here are my World War 2 scale model kits from my small collection

Man it would be nice if I get to be the one who’ll do the assembly and the paint jobs on much larger-scaled kits but the kit itself plus the paints and airbrush are very expensive nowadays to buy so I’ve scratched the idea of going back to scale modelling and stick to capsule toys and PVC figures instead. Until next time, see you guys around!


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