The mystery of the unknown miniature bust figure

The Metrowalk in Pasig is known for being a hangout depot for dudes and dudettes of all ages, and what’s more, this place is popularly known for its DVDs being sold at the second floor. It was only recently that I discovered that aside from the DVD stalls there are some shops that were selling other stuff like RTW, bags, leather goods and a whole lot more. But with my constant wandering around the vicinity, I immediately stumbled upon several toy shops that were selling both brand new and loose items, and this one particular toy shop mainly sold literally a sea of gashapon figures (capsule toys), PVC toys and action figures… and majority of their stocks on sale are, well you’ve guessed it, loose items.

Anime characters, Star Wars, DC and Marvel superheroes, this shop almost had everything! It was bargain toys heaven for me and any random toy collector would feel that sudden rush of delirium once they see ’em lovely toys on display, but there was one item on display that caught my attention and it’s this miniature bust of a female anime figure sitting quietly on one corner of the clear glass display. Until several questions began to pop up in my head… from what anime/manga did she originated, what her name is… still a big mystery to me up to this very moment. I asked the saleslady if she happen to know who this character is and she kindly replied with a “no.” From the looks of it, I thought initially if she was one of the characters of Full Metal Alchemist but that would be impossible since I knew the cast of the show and nothing like her resembled those of the female leads, and more than impossible if she was the armor maiden Erza Scarlet (Titania Erza) from the popular anime series Fairy Tail since the figure must have been in circulation way before Fairy Tail was even conceptualized and obviously, Erza is redhead while the figure is brunette… I am totally clueless as to who she really is.

Photo montage of my mysterious female anime bust figure

The miniature bust figure is intricately made with fine details from top to bottom and despite some few bearable smudges, the figure looks awesome. Bootleg or original you might ask?… Well, as a random toy collector and being an amateur when it comes to serious scrutinizing on whether the figure is authentic or not, I honestly cannot give you a final answer on this but in my personal judgement, it seems that this tiny bust figure looks (apparently) genuine since at the bottom of its base I saw Japanese characters engraved into it which is unheard of for those bootleg figs made in China. Though you might say that details can be copied or mimicked on bootleg figures instead of just placing “Made in China“, I won’t contest that but whatever its worth, I think this tiny anime figure is just plain excellent and finding it was worth my while.

Guys, if you happen to know the real identity of this female figure and from what anime or manga series did she come from, infos are most welcome. I’ve posted the same notice on my other photo and blog accounts but no one can give me any clues or leads to this mysterious bust figure. Thanks again in advance and see you all soon! ‘Till next time…


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