Astro Boy Mighty Muggs-like figure

My Astro Boy (Mighty Muggs-like) toy figure from JUVI (China)

As part of my “catching up” duty to update all of you with some of my toy collection I have acquired during my short absence from blogging, I would like to share yet again this wonderful find I’ve bought around middle of last year (2010) and this is my Astro Boy (Mighty Muggs-like) toy figure from JUVI. I was with my sister at the Trinoma Mall that time when we decided to check out the Toys R’ Us store there, while sis went on with her business in checking out the new stuff from Sylvanian Families (she has her own collection and is now growing in numbers) I made my way into the action figures section and began my little toy hunting spree. From one shelf to another, row by row, it seems my luck was beginning to run out on me until it was in one of those corner shelves at the bottom part that my radar picked up something wonderful and it looks like I hit the jackpot!

Another shot of my Astro Boy figure shot on a yellow backdrop

There was a small stack of Astro Boy toy figures being sold at bargain price and it looks like the store was putting them on sale just to dispose the goods already since it has been lying there for quite a long time when the toy figures were once part of the merchandising campaign of the Astro Boy movie that was released in 2009, though my choices were limited to two versions, consisting of the miniature toy figures and the Mighty Muggs look-a-like figures. Though some of the items were not that in good condition (like chipped paint and dirt smudges, loose parts, etc.), my chances in getting an intact Mighty Muggs-like fig of Astro Boy was high since there were a lot to choose from unlike the miniature ones which were few in numbers and most of them were in quite bad shape. The figure I got was once sold at PHP 400 ($9.00) and the price was slashed to PHP 200 ($4.50) which wasn’t bad at all, so I never hesitated to buy one and on the following day, I got it out of the box and took snapshots of it (as you can see in some of my sample photos here).

I also grew up watching this wonderful character created by Osamu Tezuka on T.V. and it surely brings back a lot of fond childhood memories whenever I get to look at it standing proudly amongst my other toy collections, and if ever I get the chance to see a much bigger Astro Boy figure on sale, I won’t hesitate to take out my wallet and bring it back home like a prized trophy ready to be displayed along with my other babies. So until next time, happy toy hunting and see you guys soon!


2 thoughts on “Astro Boy Mighty Muggs-like figure

  1. Kristian Carlo says:

    Nice pick – up. Got myself 3 of those action figure. I think they have 4 designs in that series. I just got 3. I Hope I can still the last figure to complete that set. Great find. Bought mine for Php 100.00.

    • Hey that’s cool, at least you got to have the 3 other action figures of Astro Boy, I got mine purely by accident while I was checking stuff at the Toys R’ Us branch in Trinoma. I surely hope you get to find the last one to finally complete the entire set, and at least you got it a hundred Pesos cheaper than mine, great find there man. Anyways, thanks Kristian Carlo for visiting my humble weblog and thanks for the comment, happy toy hunting! 🙂

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