Gaiking: Legend of Daiku-Maryu vinyl figure

Gaiking: Legend of Daiku-Maryu vinyl figure

I’m back once more with another toy collectible to share and I can say that this is one of my treasured prized possessions since I grew up watching this classic Super Robot icon on T.V. and as a kid I remember the times that I would stand in front of the toy shop‘s display window and feast my eyes on those lovely diecast toys from Japan and wished that I’d get one of them either on my birthday or if I can wait myself a little longer, on Christmas… Voltes V, Mazinger Z, Daimos, UFO Grendaizer, Danguard Ace, Combattler, Raideen… it was the good life for me then, playing with toy robots, watching cartoons and first generation anime on the telly.

Anyways, growing up with these Super Robot heroes was all we ever wanted back then and as kids, there are times during our recess at school,  we would gather around inside the canteen and often brag and compare the diecast toys our moms and dads gave us. A couple of decades have passed and now as I rummage through my toy box of childhood memories I would see some of my surviving diecast toys battered and worn out from all the rigorous playing and all of them would have a part or two missing but I still make it a point to take care of them by dusting off the dirt with my dry paint brush. And to preserve their memories, I’ve already photographed each and every one of them and I have some of their photos uploaded on my Flickr, Multiply and DeviantArt accounts. And even though I am in my 30’s, there’s this small part in me that still bears the childhood regrets of not having the other things we are dying to have back then, and partly this big guy on the photo was one of those reasons and it took me more than twenty years to fill that gap and finally I have him as part of my “catching up” toy collection.

Gaiking and its infamous Dragon chest plate

Gaiking made waves here in the Philippines when the Super Robot series was introduced on local television back in the late 1970’s but still this Go Nagai creation had to prove its magic on attracting a wider audience most especially with the young ones who were now huge fans belonging to more established Mecha Heroes like Voltes V, Mazinger Z, Daimos and UFO Grendaizer. Nevertheless, the anime wave then was so overwhelming that whatever was being shown on T.V., Filipinos will watch and appreciate them with open arms as they embrace this newfound form of animation brought from Japan. Unfortunately I never got to have a Gaiking toy when I was a kid, not even the small diecast ones, what I had were some of his fellow mecha buddies namely Skyler and Bazoler (except for Nesser which I never had and I like him better amongst the three would you believe it?!) but for the main hero Gaiking, not even once did I have him nor his stiff plastic bootleg versions from China. It was only around last year when I started collecting toys again along with my fondness for Toy Photography that I found this awesome vinyl figure amongst the stuff sold on sale at one of my favorite toy shops. I was expecting that this Gaiking figure would be fetching a hefty amount but the shop was selling it for only 350 PHP (roughly $8.00) from its original price of 700 PHP ($16.00) at that very moment I never let go of that figure and immediately bought it with, as always, that big childish grin on my face!

And after a few months of contemplating whether to take him out of the box and take snapshots of him, it was only around yesterday where I finally unsealed the package and positioned him inside my lightbox while my camera snapped away capturing this mighty childhood hero in all of its glory. The sheer feeling of satisfaction of having something that you didn’t have before and having it finally after so many years is just priceless! So until next time, happy toy hunting and have a great day!


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