Onegai Teacher Kazami Mizuho figure

Onegai Teacher Kazami Mizuho figure

This particular PVC figure I guess was one of the best buys I ever got for my toy collection. Aside from purchasing it as a loose item, I got it at a very reasonable price. If my memory serves me right, I bought this roughly around two to three months ago and since it was only recently that I decided to regenerate my enthusiasm in filling my weblog with new posts and now I am starting to pick up my pace and gather some of the toys that I have photographed during my absence from blogging and here is one of them guys… It’s playful, daring and almost bordering to sweet ecchi-ness, my Onegai Teacher Kazami Mizuho figure.

According to what I have gathered from my small research on this anime figure, this went into circulation in 2006. This Kazami Mizuho figure is really sexy and playful at the same time since the figure shows Mizuho in a reclining position with her shirt opened while eating a stick of Pocky in one hand while holding a chocolate bar on the other. Yeah I know some of you out there who are real hardcore anime collectors  would somehow cringe and frown at the photo of Mizuho inset because this figure is, unfortunately, not the real deal. This is the bootleg version of the real Onegai Teacher PVC figure. The original one has  pinkish red hair with pink undies and white shirt. And with its origins from Hong Kong, you would know that there’s this big chance that you’ll be getting the bootlegs rather than the real deal, unless you buy it from a reputable shop that sells authentic Japanese PVC toys or have your trained eyes do the scrutinizing for you. But honestly in my opinion, original or bootleg, who cares…

The authentic Onegai Teacher (Kazami Mizuho) figure with base and other accessories

Ever since I got into Toy Photography, it has been my sort of ‘mission statement’ not to discriminate any toy from the way they look, with whatever price tag they have on them and whether they’d be real or fakes, expensive or cheap ones, they are still toys that will be appreciated by young and old alike. But in the case of bootleg PVC toys (most especially the anime figures), I don’t mind having them in my collection since they are not as bad as they look, unless you get to have the ones that fits to be discarded as factory defects now that’s a different story, but here’s my point, as a toy collector if I have the option not to throw away big chunks of money on authentic anime figures and you’d rather settle for their bootleg counterparts, then it’s mighty fine with me. Maybe if I had a real good-paying job earning a big fat paycheck every month then getting your hands on the real deal figs will be a cinch… but for someone like me who is not that hard to please when it comes to collecting toys, even though I get to bag that dream of having a good paying job, I’d still have ’em bootlegs displaying proudly in my glass cabinet along with the original figures. Guys, this is just my perspective on how I see and how I deal with the topic on original and bootleg PVC toys, I am not a professional and this is just me thinking out loud and sharing my thoughts on this subject matter. Toy collecting is just my secondary passion, but what matters most for me is that through these toys I get to satisfy my zest for photography… letting myself loose and discovering more hidden pleasures that awaits me in this wonderful world called Toy Photography.


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