New Year, New Toys

(left and far right) Nendoroid Petit Vocaloid Series 1 Figures, (2nd from left) Nendoroid Petite Yowane Haku, Brave Raideen chibi figure

Another year, another hope and a lot to look forward to in the Year of the Rabbit according to the Chinese calendar. So how was your new year? Me? Well amidst the revelry and the chaotic atmosphere happening outside as deafening sounds of firecrackers blasting filled my ears, I was in my room in front of my light box taking photographs of my toys. And for my very first blog entry for the year 2011, I present to you some of my new bargain toys I purchased last December 27 and here they are at the photo on the left.

My friends and fellow Bedbugs Comics members decided to have a little get-together since it was more than three months since we last saw each other. Some of them weren’t able to show up since everything was planned abruptly so only half of the Buggers were present. The meeting place was at Metrowalk in Ortigas and since I came there a way bit early, it was time to get myself some amusement by checking out some new DVD titles… and yes, visit my favorite toy stalls there as well. One of the toy stalls there that I frequent to was closed and I guess the owner was still on Christmas vacation so I immediately went to the other stall and thankfully they were open for business on that day. I was browsing over their stuff and it seems that there wasn’t much that eventually caught my fancy and the goods somehow were the same since I last went there. But alas my toy radar picked up something and it locked in on a set of Super Robo figures in chibi form that consisted of Mazinger Z, a few Getter Robot gashapons and a rare Brave Raideen fig. Since I already have Mazinger Z and Getter Robot in my collection, it was the Brave Raideen figure I bought since I never got the chance to own one when I was a kid and even though I wanted to have the diecast version of Brave Raideen, settling for the chibi version was enough for me. Talk about childhood deprivations and getting them fulfilled eons after…

As soon as half of the Buggers were present and complete, it was time to hit the road and find a neat place to hang out. We were supposed to eat at Shakey’s within the Ortigas area but fate somehow dealt its card and as we rode a cab towards our supposed destination, we found ourselves travelling to Eastwood in Libis! The place was starting to get packed with people since it was nearing sundown and luckily one friend of mine suggested we check out this place called 2Rats inside the Eastwood Mall where they sell toys and figures there. At first I thought that they were selling all their stuff at regular, expensive prices but I was so damn wrong, in fact they even have a lot of loose items up for sale! I was literally drooling over them and I just couldn’t decide what to buy first! I was setting my sights on these cute Black Rock Shooter Nendoroid figures but instead I went for the ones selling at bargain prices and ended up buying these three Nendoroid Petit Vocaloid Series 1 figs. I’m pretty much sure that the Black Rock Shooter Nendoroids will still be there when I visit their shop next time… I hope….

So that’s it guys, a fated story about a toy photographer, three Nendoroid figures and a robot named Brave Raideen. If you want to check out some of the photos I took of them, you can freely visit my Flickr page here. So until next time, thanks guys for your time and catch you all real soon. Happy New Year!


2 thoughts on “New Year, New Toys

    • Hi fatetea, thanks for the comment. Yup I’m pretty much aware that the vocaloids are bootleg, I got it from the shop for only Php 20-25/each and the quality of craftsmanship was not up to par compared to the genuine vocaloid figs. I’m just a random toy collector who can settle for both genuine or bootleg figures, for as long as I have something new to photograph for my amateur toy photography blogs, and most importantly, as long as I’m aware that I’m getting my money’s worth out of the item, most especially with the replicas/bootlegs, then everything’s fine with me 🙂

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