Wishing everyone a perfect year

It is now the 31st of December here in the Philippines and in ten hours time we’ll be saying goodbye to 2010 and hello to 2011… And as I look back to the year that was, 2010 for me gave me a fair balance of good and bad times  and I don’t discount the fact that this year it gave me a lot of good starts from working freelance as a web content writer and earning big, I rekindled my passion for Photography and was able to buy myself a brand new Nikon D3000 DSLR with the money I’ve saved and after a very long hiatus from making comic books I got to jam again with my long-time buddies from Bedbugs Comics. But according to one saying, “Life is a bed of roses which come with thorns” and I too had my share of lows this year… My freelance work lasted for only four months due to irreconcilable differences with my former American boss and eight months later here I am, still a bum and my bank savings is starting to dry up, and yes, I’m singing the blues once more… Oh well, that’s life for you… and all we have to do is carry on and look forward to the future.

Reflecting on the year that was and promising to make amends for the new one is a never-ending cycle for mankind, we are all but human beings and we do make mistakes, and at the end of the tunnel, there’s this shining beacon of hope that we can do better and correct our flaws next year. But as the dawning of the new year fast approaches, let me be the first to wish each and everyone of you love and peace of mind this 2011 and this time, may all of us be granted that one simple wish that we get that perfect year we have always wanted to happen once in our lives…

Have a wonderful 2011 guys!


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