New babies: Transformers’ T-AI, Sky-Byte and Super Fire Convoy figures

Transformers’ T-AI bathing with Sky-Byte while Super Fire Convoy naughtily peeps from behind

Merry Christmas guys! Hope you enjoyed the yuletide season celebrating with your friends and families… I’m back once more with a new blog entry and with another toy figure I would like to share to all of you. Christmas spent with the family was rather quiet and simple at home and since I had nothing to do ’till I go and visit my girlfriend at 4 p.m.  I decided to whip out my camera and take some photos of my other toys that are waiting in line… I was so tempted to open my tightly sealed Flying Big Guy and Rusty figures but I suddenly had second thoughts about it and immediately I veered my attention away from it and looked for other toys to photograph. I looked inside my light box and found a few anime figures lying around and it didn’t take long before I finally made my decision…

This Transformers’ T-AI, Sky-Byte and Super Fire Convoy figure set caught my eye while I was scouting for new bargain toys several weeks ago and I got them as a ‘loose item‘ from one of the toy shops at this commercial establishment I frequent to. It took me quite a while before I made my final decision on purchasing this because I was bent at first on buying the Gatchaman (G-Force) figure set but my instincts tell me that if I don’t get the T-AI set today, there’s this big possibility that some avid toy collector of gashapons would see this and will not hesitate to buy it at once since it was on sale and it’s sold as a loose item. As soon as the saleslady stashed it away inside a small plastic bag and handed it over to me, it was a huge home run for this big boy as I went back home feeling like a winner with that big childish grin on my face!

Another shot of my T-AI and Sky-Byte figure set

With camera on hand and my light box all set, I started to get all “shutter-happy” while taking photos of my T-AI figure set from all sides and angles and voila!… here are just two of the photo samples I took. Due to storage capacity restraints you may not be able to appreciate the photos I uploaded here, and if you want to get a closer and vivid look at them, you can visit my Flickr page by clicking on this link. Thanks a bunch guys for dropping by and Happy Holidays!


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