More toys waiting in line…

(Back L-R) Debbie Stevens figure, Big Guy and Rusty from Ban Dai, Freddy Krueger figure (Foreground L-R) Gaiking vinyl figure, Ultraman Tiga Dyna Gaia chibi figures, DC Universe Crisis Shazam! action figure

As soon as I was done typing my last blog post yesterday, I decided to clean my room and clear out some of the stuff that I don’t need while I tucked away the other toys lying on the floor back to my display rack. It was only then that I realized that there were “a lot” of my toys crammed in one corner that I haven’t photographed yet! I got them one by one and placed it on a small black television rack I’m now using as a second tabletop platform. Actually these are the bargain toys that I bought in the past and most of them are in good condition since some of them are still sealed and I’m trying to find a way to open them properly so that as soon as I’m done taking their photos I can place them back into their respective packages… talk about being O.C. and all but that’s how I take care of my stuff, most especially with my photography gear and my toy collection. Since finding my niche in Toy Photography, finding new toys to photograph can also drain your pockets big time most especially if you are the type of hobbyist who goes for the rare and expensive ones. And if you look at the photo I took above, you can say that these belong to the same category of toys I’ve mentioned… but all it took was sheer perseverance, patience and a lot of research to find these toy figures and get them at “more-than-reasonable” prices.

Big Guy Flying figure and Rusty

Most toy collectors will spend an insane amount of cash just to get their hands on whatever toy they want, especially the rare ones that are out of circulation. But I believe that you can always get a good deal if you do a little research by going to commercial establishments and scouting for toy shops that are selling brand new and loose items. I got hold mostly of these items from the same shop I frequent to and I can say that they were selling these at very, very reasonable prices. Let’s take for example this Flying Big Guy and Rusty figures from Ban Dai that I bought several weeks ago, when I checked its price on, they were selling it at $24 but when I got mine from this particular toy shop, they’ve put it on sale and bought it for roughly $7! Now that’s one good deal that I can’t resist so I never took any chances and immediately bought this baby instead of feeling down and out and regretting my decision afterwards. Getting into Toy Photography, in a way, doesn’t come cheap and spending money is the name of the game. But for those who want to get into this hobby the practical way, there will always be other options or alternatives out there and all you got to do is do some research and go around several establishments since I believe that the best bargains can be found at the most unexpected places. But honestly, toy photography doesn’t limit anyone in just taking photos of snazzy and expensive toys, you can always be creative and come up with your own ideas and concepts. Fusing practicality with creativity will always produce effective results.

For now these babies will have to wait in line a little bit longer since there are still several anime (and hentai) figures that need to go under the lens and as soon as I take snapshots of them,  I’ll be posting them here at once. ‘Til next time, happy shooting and happy toy hunting!


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