Strolling inside a mall and a mini-figure named Gundam DX2

Yesterday I accompanied my sister to the mall because she insisted on buying this particular book she wanted at Fully Booked, we immediately got ourselves ready, took a cab and got there maybe shortly before 3p.m. We never expected that the place would be packed with people knowing that it’s a Sunday and usually people would stay indoors and rest for tomorrow’s start of a new working week. The hustle and bustle of people inside the mall was starting to get in my nerves and we can’t do anything about it and accept the fact that we made the wrong decision to go there at a time where people are all itching to flock to the malls either just to hang out and cool themselves with free air conditioning or eat at the food court and lounge around for hours while being inconsiderate  of others who are struggling to find a vacant space where they can eat their food in peace… aarrgghh! Enough of my personal rantings about mall life!

Anyways, to make this story short, my sister never got to buy the book at Fully Booked and instead she found herself inside Toy Kingdom staring at the entire cute toy collection of Sylvanian Families and ended up buying this:

Sis’ first Sylvanian Families toy

It has always been her dream ever since she was little to have one of these Sylvanian Families toy and now even though she’s in her early 30’s, she’s willing to add more of these cute toys and eventually start her own collection as well (though this particular toy line from the U.K. is quite pricey mind you and I was a bit surprised when I got to see the other price tags!) As soon as she paid for it we were on our way to do some more strolling inside the mall… As for me, well, the only thing I bought for myself was a pack of Homelife silica gel for my camera and photography gears and a plastic ruler from National Bookstore. I was supposed to buy an analogue hygrometer for my DIY dry box but to no avail… and the only hygrometer they offered me was this huge one where they use it only in saunas! What the eff?!

It was around 7 in the evening and both my legs were starting to complain from all the walking we did so we stopped by the food court and had dinner, rested a bit and went on our way again to do more strolling inside the mall! We passed by this small specialty toy store and decided to look around their stuff where they mostly sell plastic scale model figures ranging from cars, aircrafts, tanks to Star Wars vehicles and Mobile Suit Gundam robots. My sister called out and told me to look at their display window, she was pointing to several anime miniature toys displayed and she was particularly pointing at this snazzy-looking Gundam “candy toy” and I asked the saleslady to take it out from their display window. I never had any second thoughts in buying it and so I took out my wallet and bought it eventually.

Mobile Suit Gundam DX2 miniature figure

Collecting these “candy toy” figures of famous anime characters has been one of my hobbies for quite some time now since I couldn’t afford to buy the large scale plastic models and here in the Philippines they’re worth a fortune! (of course minus the acrylic or enamel paint, the brushes and even the airbrush kit you’ll need to buy in order for you to assemble your scale models.) And even though they are a far cry from its bigger and better-looking counterparts, they ain’t bad enough and it doesn’t take up any huge space inside my crammed room where I still have a lot of stuff to sort, stack and throw away eventually. But sometimes getting the good ones (candy toys) that you really like can be a huge gamble and you might have to take your chances in finding them, and sometimes you get to find them in the most unusual places that you never thought of and I had my share of those instances when I got several candy toys of Voltes V at a far-flung commercial mall at dirt-cheap price and a couple of Gundams at a shop inside an Ortigas mall when they went on sale.

Like two excited children with their new toys, my sister and I went home with a big smile on our faces and as soon as I got inside my room, I took it out of the box and stared at it for some time. It was only this afternoon that I took some snapshots of my new Gundam candy toy figure and hopefully soon I can get to photograph the other candy toys I have in my collection and post it here.


5 thoughts on “Strolling inside a mall and a mini-figure named Gundam DX2

    • Hey, Isaac.. Now that you’ve mentioned about those Homelife Silica Gel packs, it had crossed my mind that they may be not the real deal since it has been years since I last bought a box of those and stuck with Sorb Gel packets that are sold in camera shops in Quiapo. In fact I had doubts about it at first since the silica beads are packed in plastic instead of the porous packets that we have grown accustomed to. I guess it served their purpose in some way but not as effective (IMHO) as Sorb Gel or any other silica packets sold in the market.

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