Getting hooked on Photography accessories and biting the bullet

There is one thing that I can tell about Photography and it is one very expensive hobby or profession that can get you hooked even when you’re on a tight budget. People are saying that Photography isn’t for everyone and I know for a fact that if you want to get good results from it, you have to be at par with the latest and the best photo equipment and I’m not just talking about acquiring the latest DSLR camera models, but even the smallest of accessories like UV (Ultra Violet)/CPL (Circular Polarizer) filters and cleaning kits come with a hefty price tag that even the average Pinoy who would want to start a hobby in Photography would pause and think twice if he or she would buy it or just quietly step out of the camera shop and look for other affordable alternatives. But sometimes, we wouldn’t want to sacrifice the quality for something that you really like, and oftentimes we would just close our eyes as we reach down for our wallets and pay for it over the counter and go home feeling like a winner!… And I just had that kind of experience yesterday when I went to the mall and decided to look for a camera bag for my DSLR, of course what ran through my mind is that I wouldn’t be spending a big chunk of moolah on it since I have to remind myself that I’m still relatively a newbie and there’s no need to buy a very expensive camera bag since all I have in my arsenal is just the kit lens and other stuff that are needed for beginners in Photography.

There are a lot of other “affordable brands” out there like several models of  Tamrac, Vanguard and Case Logic, you can be assured with the quality they offer and they are good when it comes to keeping your DSLRs safe and protected… but  when it comes to the ultimate camera bag, majority of the people I know who’s into Photography would always recommend Lowepro. If you want the  best in quality and durability, Lowepro camera bags is the way to go… but with its dependability comes with a price, a really expensive price and these bags can cost a fortune! But just a few days ago I got caught up in a really tight situation that I had to make a quick decision… and eventually bit the bullet in the end. I was supposed to buy this Vanguard camera bag that was easy on my wallet but the only problem I encountered with this particular camera bag is that it always ran out of stock and since Vanguard is exclusively distributed by Canon D-Zone outlets, for every single Canon store  that I’ve called and visited greeted me with “Wala pong stock sir…” or “Naubusan na po kami ng stock, tawag na lang po kayo sa store kung meron na pong dumating na stocks.” I was on the verge of losing hope on that Vanguard camera bag… until I passed by in front of the Lowepro store and my feet couldn’t help but walk towards the door entrance and drool myself with their nifty stuff displayed all around!

After staying for some time inside the Lowepro store, I found myself taking out 2,000+ Pesos out of my wallet and bought this Lowepro Passport Sling! I’m an O.C. type of guy when it comes to my gadgets and certainly this Lowepro model wasn’t really quite the dream camera bag I was dying to have and it wasn’t certainly at par with the Vanguard model I truly wanted which was more padded and built to protect your DSLR cameras, the Passport Sling was more of a stealth bag that has a sturdy collapsible camera box inside to protect your camera and other stuff, but on the outside it looks like just an ordinary sling bag that you usually see everyday. The main reason why I decided to “impulsively” buy this Lowepro model is simply for security and safety purposes. If you’re going to look at the bag, it is a far cry from the other Lowepro models since the logo itself is nowhere to be found except for the tiny textile flap you will see at one end of the bag and for the embroidered Lowepro logo on the no-slip handle attached on the strap.

Since I don’t have a car and most of the time I take a cab or use public transportation, the risk of bringing your precious gadgets with you is very high and since the DSLR craze is all over the metro (or should I say the entire country as well), the bad elements in our society like thieves and snatchers would know if a person has a DSLR and sometimes by just looking at the bag they have with them can be a big risk factor and they can easily fall prey to these fu@k*#$! You cannot even underestimate these goons, they’ve done their homework and spotting a potential victim is a cinch. So I said to myself, buying that Lowepro bag was worth the money I paid for not just for the quality but for the security it gives to me and my camera as well… but always remember guys, common sense and keen judgment is still a vital factor most especially when you decide to take your cameras and go to a place that you’re unfamiliar with, and it would be better to ask someone who knows the place or area just to make sure… because knowing is half the battle.

Getting into Photography doesn’t come cheap and it’s an open fact, you want to get good results, get the best gears you can buy and prepare yourselves to shell out tons of money for it, but this is one of the things I learned from several professional photographers when giving tips to people who wanted to dabble into Photography, most especially to the newbies, that having the best and expensive gears can be one of those ‘little’ factors in achieving the best results with your photos, but what is most important is that you master the basics and the techniques in Photography to get that ‘picture-perfect’ photo you’ve always wanted and if you have the heart and the desire to learn Photography, that makes it easier for you to lash out your creativity and become a professional Photographer in the future. You may have the ‘Marks’ of Canon or the ‘Single-Digit D’s’ of Nikon in your hands but if you operate them just like digital cameras (or point-and-shooters), what’s the point? I would rather see people with the cheaper point-and-shooters who know their way in utilizing their digicams in producing the best photographs that can rival those of photos taken by an expensive professional DSLR camera.


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    • Thanks ZerryHorprelf, very much appreciated. I will try my best to come up with more blog posts in the coming days. Thanks again and cheers!

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