The love of Photography

It has always been my dream ever since to learn photography and back then the mere thought of buying even just a compact film camera was a bit heavy on the pocket for someone like me who then was still relying on my dad’s weekly allowance… but fast forward April 23, 2010 (my dad’s 61st birthday), I indulged myself in buying the most expensive thing that I have acquired in my entire life, but to tell you honestly, it was a dream come true and there was never a doubt in my mind that purchasing a DSLR camera (particularly a Nikon D3000) was something so fulfilling that even if I got to spend a whole month’s salary, it was definitely worth the years I have painstakingly waited just to have that camera in my grasp and I just couldn’t ask for anything more. Back in the early 80’s my dad got hooked on photography and the SLR camera that he used then which is a Nikon FE SLR  camera, is still in very good condition since he was very meticulous with his things and he handles them with extreme care. I remember as a kid when he got to purchase that camera he was so enthusiastic about photography that almost every single day he would use me and my sister as his subject while he lugged around with the camera and took pictures of us, my mom and he would even go out with one of his buddies who introduced him to photography and go to Luneta, CCP (Cultural Center of the Philippines) and the Baywalk area and capture scenic and breathtaking shots using their SLR cameras.

My Nikon D3000

It was about the late 90’s or early 2000 when I had this Pentax Zoom 70-R compact film camera which was then given to us by one of my uncle’s who ran a pawnshop in the province and he happen to have this camera that was pawned by some individual and never bothered getting it back so instead he gave it to us and of course I was the one who was thrilled to have it and even though I wasn’t working then I would save up on money to buy a roll of film and use it to take snapshots of flowers and things and even got to use the Pentax camera when me and my close buddies went to Tagaytay and Batangas plus other adventures and happenings that came my way and is now tucked away at the back of my mind… but  I loved that camera and it had served me well (but mind you, that Pentax compact camera is still working very fine and I’m using it whenever I get the chance to go out.) I’ve decided to switch technology from the manual world to the digital age of cameras and the very first digital camera that I bought is just less than a year old and it’s a Nikon Coolpix L20 point and shooter. I wasn’t intent on buying a digital camera that time but one of my reasons for buying it is that I wanted to have an up close and personal experience with digital technology since everyone has a digital camera, might as well get one too and enjoy its cool features and it amazed me pretty well.

Although it is still my secret fetish to have my hands make love to a Leica M8 or M9 but that would be impossible, and camera enthusiasts would know how much those fine German-made cameras are worth.  And even if I had that much money with me, I would still be sane enough to use that lump of cash to buy me a decent brand new car instead of a Leica, and having just that Nikon D3000 with me is more than enough to help me get a refresher course about photography and explore more things than you can imagine with a DSLR. And even though lately having a DSLR with you has become a stigma to those people who think that carrying a DSLR around was just to show-off,  as if telling the world that I’m cool and I own one but they never get to use it properly and instead use them to take photos like a point and shooter! But for what its worth, photography is for people who love to take snapshots of people, events, places and things as cherished tokens to remember them by, whether you’re a hobbyist, a professional or simply an amateur, everyone is entitled to be a shutterbug.


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