I’ve searched high and low for this Korean movie and it was just under my nose!

It was probably more than a decade ago when my family decided to have cable TV and since then things will never be the same again for all of us… no more boring local TV shows and other lame stuff, it was one awesome thing to have back in those days. I eventually noticed my sister who was starting to get hooked to this one particular channel called “Arirang” and it featured Korean shows and other stuff that was kinda alienating for my taste while I watch my sister sitting on the living room couch with her eyes glued to the boob tube laughing and enjoying to her heart’s delight. Even though I wasn’t that interested in Korean entertainment, I decided one evening to join her and watch a movie that was about to start and since all of the shows in Arirang were subtitled in English it wouldn’t be hard for me to understand what the heck they are saying. “Pisces” was the title of the movie and the film was kinda dragging at the beginning but later on it was starting to get my attention and I noticed myself sitting through it until the end… and the movie was so DAMN DEPRESSING! So damn depressing that it reminded me when I was a kid who got to see the animated flick “The Happy Prince” (with narration by Christopher Plummer) on the telly and felt so sad when both the swallow and the prince met their fateful end. And it was only after watching Pisces that my interest for Korean movies began to evolve and I was now watching shows on Arirang TV along with my sister almost everyday. And all of these happened before the Korean Wave hit the shores of the Philippines thanks to the blockbuster movie “My Sassy Girl.”

I have learned to love Korean entertainment over the years and it wasn’t only the movies that I was so engrossed with, then came the introduction of K-Pop and it somehow found its way through my bloodstream and began liking it as well, although my taste for this genre is limited to several artists that I really like and I’m not that hardcore of a fan to be liking everything and anything about K-Pop. But Korean movies will always have an integral part in my life and it all began with that effin’-depressing-but-good-movie “Pisces.” I wanted to have a copy of that movie but finding one would be like finding a needle in a pile of hay since the movie is a bit old until someone told me about this place somewhere in Pasig where they sell Korean movies and TV series in “pirated” DVDs and I wasted no time in going there and began looking for it in every stall that I passed by. As I predicted, I went home empty-handed. Fast forward to present time and after buying tons of Korean movie DVDs and TV series from this stall I frequently go to, Looking for “Pisces” was still on my list and I won’t give up the fight until I have that movie at the palm of my hands! It was only a few weeks ago that while I was browsing over the internet when all of a sudden I decided to search for Pisces once more and by accident I clicked on the “Images” tab of Firefox when a thumbnail from the search result caught my attention and when I clicked on it to see the larger version of the image… I got the surprise of my life and couldn’t believe my eyes! And this is what I saw:

DVD cover of the Korean movie 'Pisces'

DVD cover of the Korean movie ‘Pisces’

I was stunned from my seat and still couldn’t believe that this was the movie I was looking for and it was just under my nose all this time! I can remember clearly this particular cover while as I was sifting through the DVD collection they were selling and I even looked at it twice and ended up buying another Korean movie instead of this! I wasn’t sure if this blooper I did happened just recently but I’m sure it was during one my previous visits to the DVD stall (God-knows-when) when I almost had this baby… I haven’t visited that place for some time now and I’m hoping that it’s still there… And this time, I’m not letting go of it, come hell or high waters!


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